8th international conference in evolutionary linguistics

August 8-10, 2016

Indiana University, Bloomington


2016 Linguistic Evolution Conference Group


Indiana University and The Stone Age Institute were proud to co-sponsor the 8th International Conference in Evolutionary Linguistics from August 8-10, 2016.

P. Thomas Schoenemann, professor at Indiana University and research associate at The Stone Age Institute, was Chair of the local organizing committee for this international conference.

There were presentations by The Stone Age Institute research associates P. Thomas Schoenemann, Colin Allen, Lana Ruck, Nicholas Toth and Kathy Schick.

The Hot Carls - Matt Romy, Nick Romy, and Jonas SchrodtThe Stone Age Institute hosted an opening reception and dinner for the conference on the evening of Monday, August 8th. Homestyle barbeque was served to the international delegation and Americana music was performed by the band The Hot Carls, made up of local musicians Matt Romy, Nick Romy, and Jonas Schrodt.