Field Projects

Nihewan Basin, China

Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania


Past Field Projects


Peking Man excavations at Zhoukoudian, China

stone shatter

"Man is a tool-making animal."

—Benjamin Frankin

Institute researchers are involved in a wide range of field and laboratory projects as well as experimental and actualistic studies.

These include archaeological and paleontological research in Algeria, China, Ethiopia, and South Africa, laboratory research with tool-making apes, experimental archaeology, zooarchaeology, studies of wild chimpanzees in Uganda, ethnoarchaeology with traditional stone tool makers in New Guinea, and studies of stone tool making using modern brain imaging and biomechanical techniques.





Brain activation during Acheulean handaxe production


Lab Projects

Manufacture & Use of Stone Tools

Stone Tool Behavior in Modern Apes

Site Formation

Bone Accummulation & Modification

Modern Primates

Brain Imaging Studies

Biomechanical Studies