Guest Musicians


August Pacetti
keyboard player

August "Augie" Pacetti, long-time friend and former class mate of SAI co-director Nicholas Toth, is Vice President of Sterwart Title Company in Cleveland, OH. He is also an avid genealogist, and a musician who plays the piano or keyboard. Augie tickles the ivories on the song, "From the Big Bang to the World Wide Web."


Sileshi Semaw
Ethiopian drum player

Sileshi Semaw is paleolithic archaeologist and percussionist, originally from Ethiopia. Sileshi is currently a research scientist at the Consorcio CENIEH in Burgos, Spain, but he maintains an affiliation with The Stone Age Institute. He contributed rhythmic beats with the Ethiopian drum for the recording of the "From the Big Bang to the World Wide Web" song.




Photo of August Pacetti playing keyboard.
August Pacetti, keyboard.
Photo of Sileshi playing the Ethiopian drum.
Sileshi Semaw, Ethiopian drum.

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