Carl Cook and Ronan Young Receive the 2017 Outstanding Craftsmanship Award


Ronan Young and Carl Cook

Photo of the Howe Automobile

Ronan Young and Carl Cook received the 2017 Craftsmanship Award for their work to reverse-engineer Bloomington's First Automobile, the Howe Automobile.


Carl Cook (right), CEO of the Cook Group, Bloomington, and Ronan Young (left), senior engineer at Cook, are this year’s recipients of the Stone Age Institute’s Craftsmanship Award. Carl and Ronan have “reverse engineered” Bloomington’s first automobile, built in 1897 by jeweler Joshua O. Howe using a horse buggy and a one-cylinder internal combustion engine. After extensive historical and technological research, they built an exact working replica from scratch, machining their own parts and even casting molten iron for key components.

Cook and Young will deliver a free lecture sponsored by the Stone Age Institute, "Bloomington's First Car: 1897", on November 14th, 2017 in Indiana University's Whittenberger Auditorium.