Steve Wozniak

Receives Outstanding Craftsmanship Award


Nicholas Toth, Steve Wozniak, and Kathy Schick

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer and inventor of the first personal computer, received the Stone Age Institute's 2015 Award for Outstanding Craftsmanship in recognition of his contributions to computer technology, design, and entrepreneurship.

Nicholas Toth and Kathy Schick traveled to Califronia where they presented Wozniak with an engraved plaque featuring a mounted replica of a prehistoric Acheulean flint handaxe, symbolizing the direct connection between ancient technology and the modern world. Along with the award, Wozniak was presented with a cast of a Homo erectus skull, a set of Stone Age Institute Press publications, and a CD of the Stone Age Institute Band's songs about evolution. Wozniak was fascinated by the handaxe and the fossil cast and had many questions about both.

While in California, Schick and Toth spent time with Steve and his wife Janet discussing human evolution, the evolution of technology, and science education. During their time talking with Steve, Schick and Toth noted that he seemed to be a perfect blend of genius, inquisitiveness, enthusiasm, and humor and they were struck by the knowledge that Wozniak is one of very few people who can honestly say they have changed the course of history, and have impacted the lives of billions of people for the better.

Wozniak later emailed Schick and Toth, saying “What you are doing is so good and special… Do continue the good work.”