The Stone Age Institute Press:
The Human Brain Evolving

The Human Brain Evolving:
Paleoneurological Studies in Honor of Ralph L. Holloway, 2010
(329 pages)
Edited by Douglas Broadfield, Michael Yuan, Kathy Schick, and Nicholas Toth

The Human Brain Evolving: Paleoneurological Studies in Honor of Ralph L. Holloway presents a range of important studies focusing on human brain evolution. Based upon a Stone Age Institute conference held at Indiana University, Bloomington, this book features many of the principal investigators in paleoneurology and related fields. Topics include theoretical concepts, studies of fossil and modern brain endocasts, genetic studies, neurological structure and development, and brain evolution and its relation to behavior. This state-of-the-art collection of papers expands our knowledge and understanding of human brain evolution, highlights current issues in the field, and suggests new avenues of inquiry for the future.

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Introductions, Preface, and Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Human Brain Evolving: A Personal Retrospective (Ralph L. Holloway)

Chapter 2: The Maternal Energy Hypothesis of Brain Evolution (Robert R. Martin & Karen Isler)

Chapter 3: The Meaning of Brain Size: The Evolution of Conceptual Complexity (P. Tom Schoenemann)

Chapter 4: Human Brain Endocasts and th LB1 Hobbit Brain (Ralph L. Holloway)

Chapter 5: The Fossil Hominid Brains of Dmanisi: D 2280 and D2282 (Dominique Grimaud-Herve & David Lordkipanidze)

Chapter 6: The Evolution of the Parietal Cortical Areas in the Human Genus: Between Structure and Cognition (Emiliano Bruner)

Chapter 7: Cerebellum and Brain Evolution in Holocene Humans (Anne H. Weaver)

Chapter 8: Study of Human brain Evolution at the Genetic Level (Eric J. Vallender & Bruce T. Lahn)

Chapter 9: Brain Reorganization in Humans and Apes (Katerina Semendeferi, Nicole Barger, and Natalie Schenker)

Chapter 10: Searching for Human brain Specializations with Structural and Functional Neuroimaging (James K. Rilling)

Chapter 11: Structural and Diffusion MRI of a Gorilla Brain Performed Ex Vivo at 9.4 Tesla (Jason A. Kaufman, J. Michael Tyszka, Francine "Penny" Patterson, Joseph M. Erwin, Patrick R. Hof, and John M. Allman)

Chapter 12: The Role of Vertical Organization in the Encephalization and Reorganization of the Primate Cortex (Daniel P. Buxhoeveden)

Chapter 13: The Evolution of Cortical Neurotransmitter Systems Among Primates and their Relevance to Cognition (Mary Ann Raghanti, Patrick R. Hof, and Chet C. Sherwood)

Chapter 14: Sex Differences in the Corpus Callosum of Macaca fascicularis and Pan troglodytes (Douglas C. Broadfield)

Chapter 15: Dental Maturation, Middle Childhood and the Pattern of Growth and Development in Earlier Hominins (Janet Monge & Alan Mann)

Chapter 16: Perikymata Counts in Two Modern Human Sample Populations (Michael Sheng-Tien Yuan)

Chapter 17: Mosaic Cognitive Evolution: The Case of Imitation Learning (Francys Subiaul)

Chapter 18: The Foundations of Primate Intelligence and Language Skills (Duane M. Rumbaugh, E. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, James E. King and Jared P. Taglialatella)

Chapter 19: Hominid Brain Reorganization, Technological Change, and Cognitive Complexity (Nicholas Toth & Kathy Schick)