Nihewan Basin

Nihewan Basin Landscape

Above: The Nihewan Basin in Northern China contains archaeological sequences spanning from recent times to 1.7 million years ago.



Lookin’ down from the Haojiatai cliff
Escarpment so high
Two million years of primordeal time
(In the Nihewan Basin)
(In the Nihewan Basin)


Early tools of the Oldowan kind
Made from bedrock resources
Simple cores and denticulate flakes
(In the Nihewan Basin)
(In the Nihewan Basin)


Giant hyaena and bison and deer
Mammoth and rhino and horses appear
Primeval world colonized
Where the tool-makers lived
And the tool-makers died



Ancient landscapes of grasslands and woods
River flows to the lake shore
Rich deposits built up over time
(In the Nihewan Basin)
(In the Nihewan Basin)

"Nihewan Basin"

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"In the Nihewan Basin" © 2017. Music and Lyrics by Nicholas Toth and Kathy Schick, THE STONE AGE INSTITUTE®. All rights reserved.

Krista Detor

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David Weber

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